“Miniature Pieces” for bassoon, vibraphone & piano

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“Miniature Pieces” for bassoon, vibraphone and piano was written specially for a bassoon, vibraphone and piano recital with my friends, Tian and Sok Wah. As we couldn’t find any repetoire which comprises these three instruments, they suggested that I write something for this formation. After some inspiration plus revising of old compositions, Miniature Pieces, a collection of four short pieces (Waltz, Three-In-One, Reflections, and Against All Odds), was born.

Miniature Pieces was first performed by bassoonist, Tian AW YONG, percussionist, Sok Wah NG, and myself on the 17th of August 2009 at The Esplanade Recital Studio in Singapore. It can be found in my second album, Music Diaries. The mp3s can be purchased on iTunes.


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