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Miniature Pieces for bassoon, vibraphone & piano - UE Composer | Pianist | Songwriter | Music Arranger | Music Transcriber

Miniature Pieces for bassoon, vibraphone & piano


Product Description

Miniature Pieces for Bassoon, Vibraphone and Piano is a collection of four short pieces. It was given the world première on the 17th of August 2009 at the Esplanade Recital Studio in Singapore by my talented friends, Aw Yong Tian (bassoon), Ng Sok Wah (vibraphone) and myself.

The Waltz was first written on the 12th of October 1998, but was left idle for more than a decade until I revived it in April 2009. Originally written for solo piano, I re-wrote it for the bassoon, vibraphone and piano. This is a light-hearted piece with dialogues mainly between the bassoon and vibraphone. [1’57”]

Three-In-One, the second movement, was written immediately after I completed the Waltz. Written at about 4am on a Sunday morning on the 12th of April 2009, the idea came to me pretty quickly. This is a little étude in 5/8 time, where all three instruments have to play perfectly in unison, sounding like one. [1’20”]

Reflections is the third movement of Miniature Pieces. It depicts a person reflecting upon his life in general. [4’07”]

Against All Odds is the fourth and last movement. Composed in the early hours of the 16th of June 2009, and terminated in the afternoon of the same day, this piece was inspired by Dave Bruback’s Blue Rondo à la Turque. Although it looks like a simple 9/8 rhythm, it is actually a 2+2+2+3 rhythm going against the usual grouping of 3+3+3 rhythm, hence the title. [2’30”]

Total performance time is about 10 minutes.

Note: Please kindly email me at shaosuan_low@yahoo.co.uk should you decide to perform this piece. Thank you.

*This cover has been designed using image by Marna from Pixabay.


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